Monday, September 19, 2011

Wills-Moody Jumblesale.

I'm starting to get excited about this Wills-Moody Jumble Sale I recently heard about. Apparently, it is held once a month on a Sunday, later in the day for those of us with Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder (thanks Jess).

From what I've gathered, a traditional jumble sale is the British version of a North American rummage sale, but with a bar, late start, dj, and with the name Wills-Moody Rock and Roll Jumblesale, it sounds like a lot more fun. Almost everything is under £3!

Looks like the next one will be on October 2nd at the Lexington.

Sounds like it would be right up Aynsley Amy's alley.

Speaking of Aynsley, The Automat is promoting some "dreamy" items right now (perfect additions to the late-night wardrobes of Delayed Sleep Phase Disorderists).

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